Be Smart, Stand Apart Floor Decal - with Custom Branding - English (10/Pack)


Be Smart Stand Apart floor decals are composed of a pressure sensitive vinyl base used for printing, then laminated with a slip resistant overlaminate film that is classified under UL 410 for floor graphic overlay applications. Removable Up to 6 months from most common commercial floors. Floors must be clean before application. All tiles must be firmly attached to the sub floor. Painted floors must have excellent adhesion to the sub floor. Test all painted cement floors for adhesion of paint before applying a floor decal. Decals may leave adhesive residue on floors after removals. Adhesive can be removed by using a generous amount of Goo Gone to the floor adhesive, then wash the area with soap and water to finish.

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Size: 11" x 17"
1 Pack Contains 10 Floor Decals (English).
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If you are looking for a decal that will work with alternative flooring/ surfaces, please reach out to us!
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