Be Smart, Stand Apart Circular Carpet Decals - with Custom Branding - English (10/Pack)


Be Smart Stand Apart carpet decals are composed of a high performance acrylic pressure sensitive vinyl base used for printing, then laminated with a slip resistant overlaminate film that is classified under UL 410 for floor graphic overlay applications. This product is designed for decals on most common commercial carpets. These are carpets with a short nap and a tight weave containing minimal texture. The carpet must be clean before application and firmly attached to the sub floor. Removable Up to 6 months from most common commercial carpets. Decals may leave adhesive residue on carpet upon removal, this residue may be cleaned using appropriate carpet cleaner / cleaning methods - please consult your carpet manufacturer for specific cleaners and methods compatible with your carpet type.

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Size: 12" radius
1 Pack Contains 10 Circular Carpet Decals (English).
Pricing Shown in Canadian Dollars.

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If you are looking for a decal that will work with alternative flooring/ surfaces, please reach out to us!
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