Be Smart, Stand Apart CJ Face Shields (Packs of 10/25/50)

The CJ Face Shields are made of Polycarbonate for the shield, and PVC for the head band. Polycarbonate is a common plastic material used in the production of surgical face shields. This material is lightweight and provides high optical clarity. The CJ Face Shields are currently being used in hospitals by doctors and nurses.

CJ Face Shields are available in the following Quantities:

    Pack of 10 CJ Face Shields - $109.00
    Pack of 25 CJ Face Shields - $222.50
    Pack of 50 CJ Face Shields - $345.00

Pricing Shown in Canadian Dollars.

Manufacturing Time is 5-7 business days from when you place your order.
For Custom or Larger Orders (11+ packs) please email us at

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